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Thread: 2nd Controller not working on usb loader games

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    2nd Controller not working on usb loader games


    Just purchased a Black Wii a feww days ago with super mario. When playing my backed up games from usb loader I cannot get the second controller to work. all lights just flash when pressing button. this controller does work on the super mario that came with it. The controller I got with the system is a black motion plus inside and works fine. The second comtorller is a older white one with no motion plus that I purchased from someone on craigslist.

    Do i need to purchase another controller?


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    Sounds like you need to sync the old controller with your wii. If it's what I think, you could make it work by using the black controller to go into the wiimote settings and reconnecting with the old controller by pressing 1 and 2.

    Start you wii, and let it sit at the system menu. Bring your old controller right up to the sensor bar, press the red sync button next to the sd slot and press the red sync button on the back of the controller repeatedly. That should sync it up.

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    Thanks! That did the trick!


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