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Thread: System memory full

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    System memory full

    Ok so i installed some WiiWare and now I get the system memory full dialog when I start the Wii. It takes me to the save game management, where I have to reomove some saves to free up enough space. I've cleared all my saves and still I get the system memory full. Is here a way I can remove safely some of the wads i've installed as channels to free up some space

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    Lol. too many free wads, huh. Put the wads that you want to uninstall in the wad folder then use mmm or wad manager to uninstall them.

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    How do run mmm if I can't start the HBC: the Wii directs straight to the save managment?

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    Start the wii as boot2 and go to homebrew channel, then proceed to uninstall the wads with anytitledeleter or wad manager (This last one assuming you still have the wads you have installed before)

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    You can use priiloader to autoboot to hbc.


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