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Thread: updated softmod does not read some original discs

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    updated softmod does not read some original discs

    My wii has been hard and soft modded and recently updated the softmod. My friends recently rented a few games to play, and one of the two games was not read via the latest neo gamma R9 Beta 54 (disc channel indicates a system updated was required). These were older games in 2010. Metroid, the other M read fine via neo gamma, however the bachelor game was not. Neo gamma gave an error of the disc is too new and dvd-r message when my wii can read backup discs. I can read all my other original disc games, mario galaxy, wii fit, mario & sonic, etc.

    I've tried reinstalling the cios and etc. but receive the same error for that particular game. I tried a different version of neo gamma and did not work. Is there any other way or app that will run the original disc?


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    Post a sysCheck please. Also, if you have Priiloader installed (which you should), make sure you have the "block disk updates" hack enabled.
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    actually updating priiloader (somehow prilloader wasn't installing properly the first time when I updated) enabling "disable updates" etc. made it work. Thanks.


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