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Thread: Not a GC/Wii Disc

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    Not a GC/Wii Disc

    I have softmodded my wii perfectly, have everything set, but for some reason 90% of the discs I burn I cannot play through the newest neogamma - usually as I run the disk, neogamma sais "Not a GC/Wii Disc". I have tried different ways of burning, different versions of downloaded iso, yet nothing still works.

    Console: Japanese Wii
    Backup Loader: Neogamma 9
    Burner: ImgBurn (Tried at 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 6x, 3x. I also changed Automatic write speed.)
    DVD: Philips 4.7GB 1-16x

    Games that worked: Mario Kart (Eng), Kirby's Epic Yarn (Eng)
    Games that did not work: Mario Galaxy 2 (Eng), Ryhthm Heaven (Jap), Lost in Shadow (Eur), Xenoblade (Eur), Rayman Origins (Eng)

    Anyone know how I can fix this? I also changed the wii's region, console lang etc using ARC mod6 offline, yet still no difference. I am 100% sure the original iso works as it runs properly in dolphin and the DVD works because 2 of the burned games worked.
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    Yes, the originals do work, I tested them through dolphin and can play them perfectly.

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    Are you shure these ISO's are valid. All valid Wii ISO's are 4,589,824 KB long.

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    Can you try a USB drive and usb loaders with the same files? USB loading seems to be the preferred method these days, you may want to take that route in the end. At least you'll know if it's a bad file or bad burn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaeleeli View Post
    Yes, the originals do work, I tested them through dolphin and can play them perfectly.
    You can't play an original disk with Dolphin... He means do the original disks work in the Wii.
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    sounds like the originals may be illegally downloaded if his first response was he tried them with a pc emulator

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    That is what I was getting at. Not help for pirates here.


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