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Thread: Wii stuck on USB GX, help PLEASE! :C

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    Question Wii stuck on USB GX, help PLEASE! :C

    Hello, I bought a hacked Wii. I don't really know much about hacking wiis, but i've read some guides here... I know this about the Wii:

    I'ts White

    • There is a 50% chance the chipset is GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip.
    • And there is also a 50% chance the chipset is GC2-D4 on a smaller drive board.

    In Wii Options-> Settings, it says 4.3U
    I've been in USB Loader GX options and I can change between iOS 249, 250, 222 and another that i dont remember.
    iomega 250gb disc, when i connect it to my pc it asks for FORMAT, and in usb gx options it says partition WBL... something xD, its not fat32.

    The thing is... when I go to USB Channel, most of the time it gets stuck and wii cursor doesnt show and I cant do anything... I must reboot.
    weird thing is sometimes i can get it to work :S
    oh and it says Homebrew ch and WiiBoot installed.

    Should I reinstall everything from zero? what would be the solution?
    sorry if this doesnt go here, i dont speak english and i couldnt find the right place to post this... idk if its actually bricked or not.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Your first post should go in the introduction section. You will be greeted with a bunch of useful info.

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    Sounds like your hard drive is formatted in WBFS format. You should be able to download WBFS Manager and view the games loaded, and pull them off into ISOs. At this point WBFS is considered out of date and most people use fat32 or ntfs. You can extract the iso's and i believe usb loaders will play the isos, but I'd recommend using something like Wii Backup manager to convert them to .wbfs files to save space.

    If you download syscheckgx, extract it to the apps folder on your SD card, launch it form the homebrew channel, and post the report, it will show what state your wii is in.

    Re-installing from the Softmod Any Wii guide would probably be a good idea anyway, can't hurt anything and it should get you up to date. If you can get to the homebrew channel it's definately not bricked, and you should be able to start at the spoiler for those with the hbc already installed.

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    Alright... if I format the disc to fat32, will I have any kind of problem loading the ISOS? (i mean, any OTHER problem... like compatibility with the old hacking n stuff, need for another software, etc)

    and about reinstalling...
    I get to this part:
    4.3u/e/j/k Disc Exploits

    and im screwed cuz i dont have any of those games xD...
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    You don't need a game. If you have HBC channel. Move on through the guide to where it says. updates with HBC installed. You only need (game, bannerbomb,letterbomb exploits if you have a virgin wii. So unscrew yourself and read on.

    Format to fat32 add required apps to root. Then rip games to HDD with your wii. USB loader.
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