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Thread: Help! I'm a newbie!

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    Help! I'm a newbie!

    Hi, fellow gamers, I am in dire need of assistance. I got Tatsunoko vs. Capcom when it came out, but, have not been able to play it since. I have looked everywhere on how to install Gecko OS, and the Homebrew stuff, and I just cannot seem to comprehend it. I have version 3.4, and, I know that conflicts with some things. I have managed to put the Gecko OS on my Homebrew channel, but, whenever I want to load it, it says it's an invalid wii option or something. I don't mind formatting my Wii, I don't have anything on it, anyways. I would like to also skip the whole, Homebrew channel option, if that is possible, because I have seen people with a regular Gecko OS channel. If anyone can give me instructions on what to do, or what to download, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much!

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    Please? Anyone? I read all of the different help topics, and none of them seem to help me. I really need some specific advice or something. I really just want to play my game. Please help.

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    ok what you need to do is to,downgrade your os.first findout what region it is by going to the wii settings it should say ver 3.4u 3.4e 3.4j u=usa e=europe j=japan
    after you find out what region your wii is you will need to downgrade to version 3.2 if you go back to the fourms list theres a tutorials section with post on how to downgrade,by the way im pretty sure the gecko wont run on versions above 3.2 i could be wrong, if this helps send me a thanks.

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    Well, I thank you for the response. But, I have another question to ask. I have version 3.4 U. But, doesn't formatting your Wii cause the version to go down to the lowest setting?


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