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Thread: Using USB Loader GX or WiiFlow Problem

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    Question Using USB Loader GX or WiiFlow Problem

    Hello im fairly new to this scene i got a Wii for christmas and Softmodded it with the letterbomb hack, i installed 236 and used cios rev 21 to install IOS250 now i have them installed i imagined id be able to install all the homebrew i needed, as i have the new wii (4.3 with IOS58 Base) i got the new wiimote too and i noticed it turns off with the homebrew so i saw that i needed a gamecube controller and purchased one of them, i used usb loader to load my game with the gamecube controller and got a black screen and booted back to the HBC so i tried using WiiFlow and it just says no game found and i cant use my gamecube controller or wiimote it just freezes, i know there isnt any fix for the remote right now but if im able to get usb loader gx to work will the wiimote work properly if i get around the black screen issue?

    Sorry for my life story but thought id let you know all the details, thankyou for your unput.

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    Takes a look at the Softmod Any Wii guide. You need more than what you have. Follow it and you will be good to go!

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    ok thankyou for the reply i shall look over it and hopefully find my answers fingers crossed


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