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Thread: Reformatted Hard Drive to Fat32. Games wont load. Am I missing a step?

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    Reformatted Hard Drive to Fat32. Games wont load. Am I missing a step?

    Hey all. I was currently using wbfs manager for my games, but slowly one by one each game stoped working, until they all together stoped. I was advised to switch to fat32 format. Switched this morning, using the guide on this site (very simple and helpful, thank you) and now im having a problem getting the games to load. Im using Wii Backup Manager to put my games from my computer onto my hdd. The games i have transfered were under 4gb (wasnt sure how to split the larger ones - into 2gb or 4gb?). When I start USB Loader GX the games appear on the screen. Once i select the game the screen turns black, and about 30 seconds goes by and its back to the wii menu. I also tried loading a game onto the hdd from a disc. Same issue. It's running cIOS 249 it says. Its a soft modded wii. I didnt do the modding myself, so Im not sure what else to post on here about the system. Im not an idiot either, so if theres something more specific please let me know and i will add it to this post. I have the hdd plugged into the left most spot (or bottom spot if it were lying flat). Not sure if that makes a difference when trying to play games.
    Ive been actively surfing the net and this site for some answers, but again, Im not seeing anyone else with this particular issue. Any advice or direction to look would be much appreciated! Thanks in advanced.

    Nevermind. Total noob post here. File was just bad. everyone can disregard this post that i cant seem to find a way to delete.
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    Glad you sorted it out....

    /thread closed

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