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Thread: Nintendo Wii.... Do You Think This Is Wrong?

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    Nintendo Wii.... Do You Think This Is Wrong?

    I went into game crazey the other day and someone just brought in a Nintendo Wii and sold it to the store.. so I was ready to buy it on the spot however someone called in and the guy put it on hold for that person. so Game Crazey would not let me buy it even though I was there with the money on hand.

    Do you think that is wrong? The other person was not even in the store.

    Should I complain to the management about this?

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    Mmm.. I wouldnt complain about it or anything.

    It sounds pretty messed up to me, but the fact is that the person on the phone called before you got the chance to buy it. (that is the fact, right?)

    The early bird catches the worm =/

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    Well i think it is wrong so just call and ask them

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    I would just drop a short email to them from their website, nothing explicit like your name, address or anything like that, just express your concern and tell them you will be taking your money elsewhere.

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    It really depends on the policy. If it's okay to place an order over the phone, then you were a split second too slow. But if you can't do that, then you have every right to complain. My gut feeling is that you were right and the cashier was wrong. I mean, you can't call the store and tell them to hold a game for you, so why can you call the store and have them hold a Wii for you. I always thought it was first come first serve unless you placed a pre-order.

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    no, you're just now quick on the draw

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