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Thread: USB Loader GX Nunchuck problems

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    USB Loader GX Nunchuck problems

    Hi guys, sorry in advance if my english is bad or this question has already been answered but I looked for it and didn't find.

    I have installed USB Loader GX on my Wii and every time I try to play some games[not all of them have this problem] it keeps showing a message informing that my nunchuck isn't connected but, obviously, it is otherwise it wouldn't be a problem. Sometimes it only pops up and then disappears, but other times it keeps saying that isn't connected and I have to resynchronize my wii remote so it can work.
    The games work perfectly when played through disc, this problem only occurs when playing through USB Loader.

    If you guys need any additional information, please let me now.

    Thank you for your help.

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    What loader are you using... also when did you softmod your wii??

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but I do believe so, if not, sorry hehe
    I'm using USB Loader GX Rev938, IOS249 and I softmod my wii three weeks ago aprox.

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    That is an old version of GX you are using. Although I have never seen GX cause problems with the nunchuck, it would probably be wise for you to post a system check. A guide for how to do this is below in my signature.

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