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Thread: Wii usb help first time

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    Wii usb help first time

    I am attempting to hack my wii on the 4.3 system software it's a English console 2006-2007 model

    I have tried to use a micro sd card (Kingston 1 gb) Which the wii does not seem to recognize I have put it in Fat32 format

    I also have a 8 gb sandisk cruzer usb drive which I've also attempted to plug into the wii all formatted to be fat32 and the wii still does not recognize it

    Any solutions or trouble shooting I can do that maybe resolve my problem?

    (trying the Homebrew Channel Letterbomb)
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    Buy a Sandisk 2gb SD card not SDHC Format with the quick format box unchecked, Should sort you out.
    You can't letterbomb with a USB drive.


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