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Thread: NAND backup

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    NAND backup

    Today, my pc crashed and i had to perform a system restore to an earlier point in time etc. I restored the computer etc, but when i did, my nand backup files etc. for my wii were all gone!! I installed bootmii as an ios as boot 2 was not available. Is there any way of restoring a wii to before being modded without the nand? Could i try and perform a and backup now? or will it not allow me? Am i right in thinking that you only need the nand to restore original settings to the wii's motherboard if it gets fully bricked and/or maybe, if i wanted to sell it etc? Is the nand absolutely esential? What is the likelihood of a wii bricking if it is left in its current state? Am i able to copy another wii's nand that is the same version etc, or will the keys be different? many thanks

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    You can make another nand backup, but it will be a backup of how your Wii is now. But still should do in case u ever brick. You cannot use a backup from another console. The keys are different for every console.


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