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Thread: Load GameCube Backups From USB

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    Question Load GameCube Backups From USB

    Hello! I'm trying to boot GameCube Games from USB with NeoGamma R9. I formatted a 8GB MaxFlash USB Drive in WBFS. Then, I used WBFS Manager. 4.0 (x64 bit) to transfer games on USB Device. I tried with New Super Mario Bros. and it works fine! But when I put a GameCube game, like Super Mario Sunshine, on NeoGamma menu appear an empty voice instead GameCube games, and if I choose it, it appear "Init Drive", then it freeze! It shows only Wii Games! I read a topic that says "When Wii load orginal GameCube game from disc drive, it switch to GameCube mode, and Wii deactivate Wi-Fi, Wii Mote, BlueTooth and USB gates"... If Wii can't boot GameCube games on SD/SDHC or USB, can you explain me how to burn and load GameCube ISOs with NeoGamma R9 b37? Thank you
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    You can not load GC games like you are trying to do! There is a program called swiss that you may want to look at.


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