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Thread: Zelda Skyward Sword Earth temple boss bug

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    Zelda Skyward Sword Earth temple boss bug


    Just to let you guys know, I already searched before I made this thread.

    I can't seem to get passed the Earth temple boss. Iv made 3 save files already and got to the Earth Temple Boss and each and everytime i make a new save file i change around the settings and used different loaders. The result Is always the same...It freezes right when I beat the boss. I'm strongly suggesting that It could be the ISO I'm using (bad rip?) But I'm sure I did It right 2x speed In ImgBurn. Just wondering If this Is a known bug?
    I'm using Configurable USB loader the newest build. Obviously I have the right CIOS otherwise It wouldnt play.

    This Is the guide I used I'm using an USB HDD And I'm using d2x cIOS v7 Installer v3.1.

    I went though the tutorial on this site on how to make zelda work. It works yes but I'm stuck on the earth temple now. Any additional info can be provided as fast as possible If asked.

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    Did you look in the Game-Breaking Bug Info + Fix spoiler?


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