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Thread: Accidental Update by my 7yr old. I need help

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    Accidental Update by my 7yr old. I need help

    OK im going crazy searching blogs and forums for hours and hours for a solution with no luck. My 7 yr old son updated the wii after putting in a MySims game and asked for an update the other day. Now i'm trying to revise my wii back to working condition before he updated. son asks every day if I got the wii working again and I unfortunately have to say no. My wii does not recognize my hard drive with all our games on it. Homebrew still on the wii and was using Uloader version like 3.0. I updated Homebrew but now stuck. Tried to install several hard drive loaders but no luck. Need someone with more knowledge then me. I can post a lot more details but looking for anyone who may want to help. Thanks

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    Follow the softmod any wii guide. There is a link in the spoiler below. Make sure to install priiloader to block updates.

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    OK. Im going to try it right now.


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