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Thread: Xbox 360 Liteon jungleflash?

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    Question Xbox 360 Liteon jungleflash?

    Hi everyone,
    I know you're probably sick of posts like this, but I'm asking here because I trust the advice that I've been given by ya'll and the guides for the wii softmod and figured this would be a good place to start.

    I'm wanting to flash my xbox360 and have read through the jungleflash tutorials on several occasions but I can't seem to find enough up-to-date information regarding what I need before starting? All the posts I've seen so far seem to say different things and I want to make sure I have everything I need and nothing more.
    Here's the plan:
    I have 2 xbox360s I'm wanting to flash (both phat)-

    One is a Liteon with the new (current) dashboard
    One is a BenQ with the older dashboard

    I have access to plenty of pc equipment so access to a sata port won't be a problem, although I would prefer to do it on my laptop if possible.
    My main questions are:

    What equipment will I need to flash both drives in the most efficient way? I am confident enough to make a probe if needed for the LiteOn drive, has there been a workaround released for this or is it still a necessity?
    What about connectivity kits? Will a sata/usb work with a laptop or pc on windows 7 or is it not stable enough and can I use the same kit for both drives or are they brand specific?
    What's the best way to power the drive during the process? Can I power it from the pc for example? There's not too many examples of this that I've found

    Just looking for your experiences really Tutorials are all very well and good but with so many of them out there, it gets a little confusing as to what I REALLY need and what I don't =]

    Thanks in advance

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    Ca an answer

    First things first, read the jungleflasher.pdf file, it is VERY IMPORTANT, anyways if you have to have a via 6421(usb models available) or equivalent its a good start, and you'll need a powersupply made for x360 dvd-rom. Do Not use the x360 to power the drive.

    That Said, for your lite-on 360 you'll need an extra(possibly two chips) chip to read the dvdkey. MRA hack(for updated 360's) & ck3-pro(connectivity kit 3) chip & Jungleflasher
    For the BenQ all you need is the powersupply and Jungleflasher

    As For powering the drive the ck3-pro does that too, or you can get a standalone powersupply, you cant use your pc itself

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    I have found Team-Xecuter to be very helpful. They are actually the ones that make the tools you will need to flash your drive. They also have some good tutorials to support their products. For my Lite-on 74850c I used this guide to flash it. And also read through the jungleflasher tutorial. You should be able to find everything you will need there, even links to sites where to buy your connectivity kit.


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