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Thread: Please help with some games!

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    Please help with some games!

    Hello! I am new to this wii and would like to know how to load 3 games, MLB2K11 remains black screen, NBA2K12 feel the same and WWE'12 charge and when it says "LOADING" falls "frozen" will not start. I have the CFG LoaderV70, USB LOADER CX, uloader, NEOGAMMA and WIIFLOW as loaderswith d2xCios 7 final version. Please for what base and loader work! Thank you!

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    None of the games you listed are problematic. Did you follow the guide on this site to mod your wii? Post a syscheck here so we can see what you have done.

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    99% of games will work with a base of 56. So set your loader to use that. Most of the other games that don't with 56, will work with a base of 57. So if a game doesn't work change that game to load with a different cIOS. You can also check the Ultimate Troublesome Games Guide to see if the game you have trouble with are on that. There is a link in the spoiler below. You could also post a system check to see what cIOS you have installed.


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