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Thread: WAD Manager controller unsynced

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    WAD Manager controller unsynced

    When I use WAD Manager 1.7 and select IOS249, the next item says: "Select NAND [COLOR=#009900 !important]emulator[/COLOR] device: <Disable>"
    It then says to press A to select or Home Button to exit. However, at this point my Wii remote as unsynched itself and so I can't press any buttons. I've tried plugging in a gamecube controller, but that doesn't work either.

    I've noticed that the wii remote becomes unsynched with some other apps too. How do I get around this? I can't install any WADs as Im not able to use WAD Manager.

    I'd be really grateful if anyone can help me out

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    While still in WAD Manager, clear all the all the synced remotes (press and hold the sync button on the console for 15 seconds) then resync the the remote (press the sync button on the console, then the sync button on the remote). If that doesn't work, try using an older remote. You could also use Multi-Mod-Manager which supports GC controllers.
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