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Thread: Orig. C.O.D. MW3 and soft mod

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    Orig. C.O.D. MW3 and soft mod

    Hi All
    I haven't been here for bit. Hoping someone can help.
    I soft moded my wii a few years back everything worked ok untill my kids got C.O.D MW3 (Orig. copy)for xmas and tried to play it and would not play unitil they did an update. which they did the game plays great but I'm unable to use the USB loader. So I installed the latest MODmii 5.0.0 and everything was good. Then they tried to play COD again and samething asked to do update which they did and now the USB loader will not work again. Is there a patch or newer software to work around this? Any sugestions would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

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    yes install priiloader to block online and disc updates

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    Hi Pob3008
    I did as sugested and installed the priiloader and everything works great. But if the disc is removed from the ROM and inserted again it will ask for system update and when we do that the USB loader will not work.
    I also tried to install the game onto my hard drive and downloaded no problem (when the usb loader was working before the system update) but when I go to play the wii freezes on "loading ....." and must be turned off and back on.
    What am I doing wrong?


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