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Thread: Wii 4.3e play ISO games from USB

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    Question Wii 4.3e play ISO games from USB

    I'm sorry, I got a little lost here.

    my Wii firmware is 4.3e

    I did the letterbomb hack with an SD card.
    It gave me the Home Brew Chanel
    Then I installed the homebrew browser via SD

    I want to install a USB loader, so I can play iso's

    I heard Neogamma was a good one.

    My questions are:
    Can I use Neogamma with firmware 4.3e, and is it a good one?
    Can I just put neogamma on my sd, install it and then plugin usb with WBFS format and iso and play the game?

    I also found this guide on usb loading. It says I need to install usb loader, but you need cIOS36rev10 and wads to achieve that.

    It seems so complicated can somebody help me please?
    and I am afraid of bricking my wii, please help me
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    Firstly, do not post links to outside guides as it is against the rules

    secondly, adding the hbc is only part of the softmod process, please read the softmod any wii guide in my sig

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    thank you, edited my previous post.


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