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Thread: USB Loader freezing?

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    USB Loader freezing?

    I followd Modmii to mod my wii and works good except when in usb loader. Whe i click on download all titles it will work for most of them and then it freezes? Is there any ideas you can give me to fix this problem.

    THANK YOU .. You have been a great help

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    anyone having this problem. It happens only on occasion when downloading covers it just freezes. i have to reset and most of the time after that im ok all download? I am running cfg v7. i apologize if i wasnt specific enough.

    Thank YOU!

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    Which USB loader do you use? USB loader GX? I would recommend using that.

    Try downloading different covers (in USB loader GX, you can download 3D covers, HD covers, normal covers etc.) or just re-install the USB loader.

    Re-installing should be a last resort, it is usually not needed!

    Finally, check that your Internet connection is working and your wii can connect to it for other purposes (eg playing games online)


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