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Thread: Korean Wii Green and Pink Screen !!!

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    Unhappy Korean Wii Green and Pink Screen !!!


    I got korean modded chip wii from my friend but I don't know what kind of chip. It was system version 3.3 and I put NTSC-U Call of Duty game after asked some question in korean which language I don't speak, read and write and installed something proably an uptade. Wii made restart but stuck with this screen green and pink even system menu doesn't show up. Dvd light is on when I open and DVD still reads disc but doesn't show anything. It had HBC before. Is there any way to fix it?


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    All the files deleted, I can't download any...

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    Okay, sorry about that. I'll see if I can contact mauifrog to see if he can re-upload the files.
    Don't know how long that will be though.

    EDIT: Try this-->
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    Thank you I will try this and let you know if it work or not...

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    I tried to fix it all day but no way. I will buy a new wii...

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