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Thread: How do i get usb loader to show wii game covers?

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    How do i get usb loader to show wii game covers?


    I just completed the softmod and have backup of my Mario galaxy 2 playing off a USB stick.

    However when the USB load menu loads I do not see the mario galaxy 2 game cover just a generic wii game box. Is there a way i can add a cover pic for each game I load on the USB stick? It would make it easier for my kids to pick the specific game they want to play

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Get a feel for the usbloader and its features and you shall find this out easily. There's a button you push somewhere in settings to initate downloading of covers and such.

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    same question

    same question but the uloader. i have a few games that ive just uploaded to the wii but they appear without cover how do i get them?

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    It depends on your usb loader I know that cfg-loader has an option to download and load the covers... I also have been using WBFS Manager which can download the cover but I havent really used it
    Cover site :
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    Have a look at your GUI there are options CFG it's in the individual game page. And in Updates. so you can do it one game at a time or a batch of all missing covers.
    GX loader has a similar setting on it's GUI look in updates then choose download missing covers.
    Or you can plug your HDD in to PC and use whichever.Game manager you fancy WBFS manager, Wii Game Manager or Wii backup Manager. read read read lots and learn learn Learn lots.

    Sorry for not mentioning other usb loaders but I don't have any experience with them.
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    if its USB Loader GX, press 1 at the main screen

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    thanks!! that worked


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