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    First Time

    Total newb when it comes to hacking a wii. Better with portforwarding and torrents. When I tried downloading a game from Homebrew Browser it says only 12mb there no internal memory on the wii? I also had my sd card in from uploading homebrew browser so I thought maybe i could use that for storage? And also after removing the sd card I could no longer get into homebrew. I'm thinking that the problem is whenI downloaded the browser I unzipped it before moving to the SD...idk...any help at all would be great...I know I should be able to figure this out...but I'm sick of getting 1,000 different wrong answers from Google.

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    are you using a SD card or SDHC card? Is your card 'full' of other homebrew apps? How big is your SD card? and no, you can not install homebrew games/apps to thr Wii internal memory. You need the SD card in the Wii to access Homebrew/Homebrew Browser, where else is it going to be at? You say you done alot of searching, but you sure didn't give no pertinent information.

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    also said i was new...appreciate it. I'll keep searching

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