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Thread: softmodded wii works fine but got one problem..

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    softmodded wii works fine but got one problem..


    couple of days ago (2days ago) I softmodded my friends wii Works fine no problems what so ever games boot no errors 4.3E Tested Mw3,Crazy Golf and 6 others Home Brew works I think you get it. But I do have one problem The channels did not add? Like on my wii I have all of them (Well not all just the normal ones) But he only got the Home Brew channel and the one that lets you play game club games (for the name).

    My question is how can I add a channel on my friends 4.3 softmodded wii? I want to link it to configurable usb loader?

    Wii > configurable usb loader > USB > Game > Start I think you get the point?


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    You need to install a forwarder channel

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    After some time I found this <<<External link removed>>>

    Is this what am after? Only step I do not understand is 9,Start the <<<External link removed>>> and select to launch "/apps/InstForwarder/boot.dol"

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    Suggestion: Either use our guides/info here and ask for help here, or go to wherever it is you're getting files from to ask for help. Don't link to other sites guides.

    You might find a guide about configurable usb loader somewhere here on our forums, and i'll bet you it has what you're looking for.


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    o Am sorry about that

    After a new search I found this

    Preparation Step 2
    Am only asking to make sure this still works or if there is a easier way?


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