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Thread: Wii Not Recognising Burned ISO on DVD

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    Wii Not Recognising Burned ISO on DVD

    Hi All

    Just after a bit of advice please.

    I have a chipped Wii that I havent played on in a while, I have just downloaded a Golden Eye ISO, burnt it to a DVD but cant get it to play.

    My Wii has a wiinja deluxe chip.
    Firmware seems to be on 4.2 at the moment (think the update has been on automatic at some point as im sure it was at 3.2 the last time i played it)
    Homebrew channel is installed - when i ran the homebrew channel it updated, however I couldnt get it to load, just got a black screen after the update.
    I downloaded the Golden Eye ISO, ran it through WiU 1.1, patched it for the update, and changed it from a NTSC game to a PAL game.
    Burnt the ISO via Imgburn, on 4x, with the verify box ticked.
    Ive used some DVD-R discs, ive used these many times before for my Xbox games and they have always worked.

    Ive burn't a few copies of Goldeneye now but everytime I put the game in the Wii the disc spins, but the I get the usual 'disc not recognised' message.

    Does anyone have any advice, am i doing something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsomo2000 View Post
    am i doing something wrong?
    Yes, you are pirating games.
    Quote Originally Posted by sven
    [16:26:34] i'm never sarcastic.
    [16:26:41] feel free to quote me on that.

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    read the rules

    thread closed
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