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Thread: Fortune Street - Unlocking special tour boards

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    Fortune Street - Unlocking special tour boards

    Does anyone here know how to unlock the special tour boards in Fortune Street?

    I had completed all the 12 boards in the Tour Mode playing in Standard Rules but none of the special boards are unlock yet.

    Did i miss something or do I have to also complete the tour mode in Easy Rules to unlock them?


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    Courtesy of

    Perform the following actions to unlock additional game boards.
    Special Tour - Finish all the boards in Dragon Quest Tour and Super Mario Tour
    Alefgard- Beat Special Tour


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    I have never played (actually, my version is Boom Street) this game by myself and don't intend to. Is there any other way we can unlock tjese additional boards? Or could somebody link me to a savegame where the boards are unlocked?


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