Hello all,
I have a softmodded wii, 4.2, PAL. A fair time ago I made a backup of twilight princess for gamecube and lent the game to a friend. I didn't manage to get it back so I bought the wii version. I have lost that version (after beating the game) and I want to play the gamecube version again. The version was originally a .gcm which I know is good for dolphin but reading online I figured if I changed the extension to .iso I could use ImgBurn to burn it to a disc. I have used dolphin to test it and it works perfectly but upon burning it and using neogamma or wiigator gamecube launcher, I get errors. The neogamma error suggests that it could be due to the media (bad dl/ DVD +R) but the discs are fine and I have used the same type to burn backups before. I should mention that the gamecube game is NTSC (its what I deserve for buying it off ebay) so that might contribute to the problem. The discs are Verbatim, 4.7gb, DVD -R, 16x (I burn at 4.0x). I have heard that discs which have a high burning speed can stuff up if you burn too slow (don't know if true).

Any help is appreciated as I would love to play it on the Wii. Thanks.