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Thread: Kinda Confused on Modifications

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    Kinda Confused on Modifications

    Hello everyone,

    found this site today trying to browse some troubleshooting tips for my Wii. I have one of the new Black Wii's. It came with 4.3U . I did the Letterbomb to get homebrew app but now I'm just kind of at a loss. Where should I go from here? I wanted to do this whole process to use xDVD but it never even gave that as an option during install. It seems when I go into certain parts of homebrew, my remotes seem to not work anymore and i have to exit the application. I wish i could think of the name of the section. My wife has currently decided to take over and do what she wants to do with it. I wanted to play "backups" of games on my wii, but Im finding no information there either. I mean, there is so much information that I can't really grasp the necessities. Getting confused by people referring to WADS, and etc. If someone could kind of walk me through what I need to do next, as far as after the letter bomb, id appreciate it! Thanks!



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    You need to follow the softmod any wii guide. There is a link in the spoiler below. New Wii's will not play DVD's or backups from disc. USB loading is your only option.


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