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Thread: accidently updated to 4.3 HB still loads

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    accidently updated to 4.3 HB still loads

    I'm a total n00b here, but soft modded my wii at v4.2. I stupidly did not have priiloader installed and my sister unknowingly updated to v4.3. I've read all over here and found out that I am lucky that my Wii is still working.

    The update was disc based from Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean. I just checked and Home Brew has not been removed and actually works, but usb loader gx does not work, wont even load. Do I need to re-softmod or is it safe to try and reinstall my old HB apps?

    I looked for other instances of this happening and haven't turned up anyone else heaving this happen.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.

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    You do need to re softmod. You can start the softmod any wii guide from the spoiler that says with homebrew installed. There is a link in the spoiler below.

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