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Thread: How to switch to 3D covers

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    How to switch to 3D covers

    I have my "standard" 2D covers loaded up on my SD card, games on a 1 TB HDD. Now I'd like to switch to 3D covers and download them from my Wii wireless connection. I know how to select this, my question is should I just remove the covers file from my SD card's Apps section and then it will automatically direct my covers to be retrieved from the Wii? I tried to "force" my covers to be 3D from Wii, but all it did was fill the missing 2D covers on my HDD. I suppose I could just remove the 2D ones from my SD card and replace them with the 3D versions, but that sounds like more work than letting my Wii load them up.
    Thanks guys and Happy New Year

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    Not sure what loader you are using, but there should be an option to download the missing covers from inside your loader. Then it will put them in the correct folders for you.

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    Thanks, I use GX Loader, I'll give it a shot


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