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Thread: Wii nand emulation question?

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    Wii nand emulation question?

    So i have everything hacked and ready to go. now im looking into emulators for old games. i have kinda seen some tutorials. from what i understand nand emulation works better because u can use your hard drive. I also looked into sneek which uses system memory right? so my question is ive read newer wii's cant do nand emulation. how can i figure out if mine can? i bought it from someone so im not sure of the actual buy date. Its white with gamcube ports and doesnt have a vunerable boot2. Is there a good guide for nand emulation you would recomend?


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    nand emulation is different to emulators - here is the emulators guide
    if it nand emulation then i recommend the wiiflow nand emulation guide


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