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Thread: usb loader gx problem please help me

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    Ca usb loader gx problem please help me

    i installed homebrew channel through banner bomb. i opened mail and opened banner bomb file (i think it was an elf file) than I used this walkthrough (removed failtube guide) and imeadiatly got usb loader gx. wii sports works fine but ssbb doesn't work. I used this tutorial and got ios 222. then I changed the setting on usb loader gx like the walkthrough said. still super smash bros doesn't load. whenever I select ssbb iit says wii in some grey boxes and goes to the system menu. when i did the ssbb fix tutorial I kept my usb loader because the other usb loader gxs wouldn't read my usb. it is formatted to wbfs. when I try to update my usb loader gx through settings it doesn't read my usb. please help me and give me a new guide I have wii 4.3u please tell me where i went wrong.
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    you have a thread on this allready please don post duplicated threads and dont post failrube guides

    thread closed
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