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Thread: What is an ISO? I've read the guide posted by bluphant

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    What is an ISO? I've read the guide posted by bluphant

    The guide says ISOs are like a bridge between the game software and the Wii hardware. It says that when a disc is loaded, the disc tells the Wii which ISO to load.

    When I use MMM, I see ISOs numbering in the 200's.

    Then I got a file for Modern Warfare 3 on my desktop. It's 4 gigabytes and is labeled an ISO.

    I'm getting confused here. I originally thought ISOs are the games themselves. Does the disc come with an ISO itself? Why are there so many ISOs on the Wii?

    Pardon my noobness. But a lot of information here seems to conflict with each other. Please help me understand.

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    You are confusing system IOS with ISO

    IOS is what the wii console uses to run games different games use different IOS, when u softmod your wii u install CIOS which is a Custom IOS

    ISO is just a format that a game can be stored as
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    Ah. How embarrassing.

    Thank you for that clarification.


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