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Thread: Can one channel point to VC games, and another to WiiWare?

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    Can one channel point to VC games, and another to WiiWare?

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to have one channel on the system menu take me to my WiiWare titles, and another for Virtual Console. I've seen the guides for making a channel for each individual game, but I would like to have the fewest channels possible. It's no problem to use the wiiflow channel and switch over from the Wii games list to a combined WiiWare/VC group , or to use a channel for each game, it's just not my preference. I've read the Sneek guide but it looks like that just makes individual channels as well. Thanks for your time and happy new year!

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    we have a wiiflow nand emulation guide HERE or mighty channels guide HERE i dont know about channels to go straight to each wiiware or VC but if you whant it that way the use 2 nand emulations 1 for VC and 1 for wiiware
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