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Thread: Skyward Sword - Bit of a different situation...

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    Skyward Sword - Bit of a different situation...

    A while ago I softmodded my Wii myself. While I referred to the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide multiple times, I didn't exactly stick to it by the letter. Between that, and the time that's passed since my softmod, I don't have the complete details of my current setup. Still, I'll try to give as much information as I can.

    Like so many of the newbies here, I'm trying to launch Skyward Sword (through USBLoaderGX, although this probably doesn't matter since it just brings me to the home screen anyway) and I'm getting a message explaining that I have to update my Wii. Obviously, this is a bad idea. So, I've been searching around and I (re)found the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide as well as the guide specifically pertaining to Skyward Sword. Still, however, I'm a bit lost.

    As I understand, Priiloader would have been the fix to all my problems. From reading the Softmod guide it seems that blocking the updates should make it so I can play my game. However, even though I remember installing Priiloader, I can't seem to access it. Holding down reset for an extended period of time just launches the Wii Home Screen. Also, I've modified a bunch of my IOSs (from installing USBLoaderGX and a gamecube game launcher) so installing a fresh copy of Priiloader doesn't seem too smart.

    According to the Skyward Sword guide, it seems another alternative is to launch the game with a cIOS 249 [56] d2x v6 or cIOS 250 [57] d2x v6 and as I understand this fix would solve my problems. Still, how is this different than my other modifications that let me use the loader in the first place? I know I already have a different cIOS 249 (forgive me if I'm being a little inaccurate, most of what I've done is following a variety of tutorials)

    Sorry if none of this information is of much help, but I'd truly appreciate any advice I can get. Would it be easier to just remove the softmod and start all over again (something that I would really hate to have to do, but I also want to play my game) or is there was way to make the Priiloader thing work without risking a bricking. Is there anyway I can just grab the IOS files that need to be updated and just perform my own manual update without Nintendo? Thanks in advance for any help I can get.
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    Update: I was able to fix this.

    In the end I installed d2x v6 over my cIOS 250. Then I had a bit of trouble due to the Wii Motion Plus introduction video. For some reason, the video froze when I played it from USBLoader, and I obviously couldn't launch it from the Home Screen because then I'd be asked to update. Instead, I ended up launching it through Gecko and it was able to load up perfectly. Anyway, everything is good now.

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    glad u got it sorted. u should really look into priiloader for them disc update problems. thread closed

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