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Thread: What is the funnest game for the WII?

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    What is the funnest game for the WII?

    I have Zelda, Wii Play, Wii Sports, TonyHawks Downhill Jam, and GT Pro Series Racing

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    none of the above i think wario ware smooth moves is funnist

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    it is going to be super smash brothers brawl

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    Call of Duty 3

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    I think wii play and wii sports are awsome gamwes, also I am very addicted to need for speed carbon.

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    I just came across a site that sends you a Nintendo Wii for free! I'm ordering mine right now, can't wait to kick my friends asses in Wii Sports

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    Rabbids Go Home! Funniest game i have played

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    Cooking Mama! or maybe Sports Resorts


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