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Thread: Pal Games On Ntsc Wii

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    Pal Games On Ntsc Wii

    I can't find any one else with this problem and i searched everywhere for a fix but with no luck. Heres my problem i used force ntsc and played pal games fine on my ntsc wii but in the middle of the game it says Reading Disc and stays there. I use a external drive on usb loader gx. Please help Thanks in advance

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    If the game started then it's not a region issue. The fact that it freezes in the middle of the game makes me suspect either a hard drive spin down issue or a bad transfer to your hard drive. Were the discs you transferred scratched or anything? Do other games freeze after a while?

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    I Just play my backups on my external drive and only the pal games need for speed and epic mickey freeze and say reading disc and i have to do a hard shutdown

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    Also im sorry to ask this cause im a noob at this stuff what is a hard drive spin down issue?

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    Maybe redo the ISO Wii solve the problem.

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    How do I Redo

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    Nvm I tried it still not working please help thanks in advance

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    It Still says reading disc in middle of pal game please help!


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