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Thread: Help. Black screen after update

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    Help. Black screen after update

    I think my wii is bricked as my tv shows that that there is no signal even though it's turned on and all the cables are in. This happend after I updated my 4.1e wii from the ea active 2 disk. It updated and all and it said that the update was successful. Then the screen went black and the tv said that there was no signal even though there was a green light on the power button. I waited 5 mins but still nothing happened. I turned it off, removed the cables and waited 5 mins and turned it back on. The power button was green and you could hear the noise but the screen is black. Please help

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    Hmm same thing! When it happened to me and my Uncle the fuse from our power went off.
    It may be.
    1.Pressed off button by accident?
    2.Update successful means that you have a strong Internet connection
    3.Have you tried restarting the Wii ?
    4.You may have put the Whit,Yellow and Red wires in different holes.(That happened to me and I had no sound.)
    5.take the wires out from the plug it may be there was a error.

    If it happens still you may wanna contact Nintendo or visit a game shop(HMV,Argos,Game e.t.c)

    Hope It Helps!

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    Sorry, I forgot to add that my wii was hacked. Will Nintendo accept it?


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