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Thread: Improved Wii Remote Plus!?! Pics Included!

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    Improved Wii Remote Plus!?! Pics Included!

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this but if it isn't then PLEASE let me know where else to post this topic. I recently purchased some controllers and the pink one seems to be an even newer revision to the Wii Remote Plus family, the newest tweak is an added Sync Button to the outside of the battery cover! I have provided pictures of this. I wonder if all colors of the Wii Remote Plus will have this new (very convenient) feature added to all future controllers. Can anyone confirm the existence of this added Sync Button to any other colors of the Wii Remote Plus Controller? The glove even has a cutout for the button. I tried calling Nintendo to ask about the addition thinking i can order the battery cover as a part, saving me from having to hunt these remotes down and re-purchasing them completely to gain the added feature. But Nintendo representatives were unaware of the addition and asked me several times if i was SURE i had a Nintendo branded controller and not some 3rd party brand. The finally told me that they are aware of it but are currently not selling the cover a separate piece so the conversation ended there.

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    That's very cool. I want to get one too.


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