Is it possible or has anyone ever played wii game backups off a solid state drive before instead of a HDD?

I'm asking this question mainly because my external hard drive died after a year and 2 months use, and i am thinking that an ssd will be better for long term use, as far as using it for wii game backups and playing them on my wii through the SSD rather than a HDD. considering SSDs sacrafice space for faster reads and writes, durability, and long term lasting/use.

Has anyone here ever tried using a Solid state Drive for wii game backups before>? if so, did it work and how did it compare to using an HDD for you? also which ones work with the wii? sata,sata2,or sata3????

I am aware of the limited space, but only plan to use it soly for wii games, so the limited space is not an issue and im fine with it if this'll work.

All help, info, experience, and details are appreciated.