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Thread: how to play a Wad game?

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    how to play a Wad game?

    Hi, i have a game called Wild West Guns that is about 38 mb. Of course i don't want to put this on dvd. How would i go about playing this, off of SD card? By the way i have a Wii Key 2 chip installed.

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    Wads are installed via wad manager through homebrew channel. This guide will show you about wads

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    This is what I am looking at! Thank you.

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    thanks! I've been wondering how to do this myself.

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    exactly what i was looking for!

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    Will that guide work on 4.3 wii's now?

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    This thread was made in 2009 lol maybe post in the guide you are looking at you maybe get your answer in there

    Thread closed

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