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    Wii Backup Channel


    Hope I post this the real place, i am new here.
    I was fixing my frieds wii, so he can play backup games, I have the original Zelda game, and I have the savegame, but the savegame will not copy from the SD card to the Wii system??? Whats wrong, and what can I do? I have made 10 wiis before this one, and it is the first time, I have this problem.

    Hope you can help me


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    it wrotes something about: the game was not copied?
    Any idea

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    Your probably using the wrong version of hack and hes probably on 3.4 firmware. Get the beta 2 hack and it will work.

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    Cool! Another Australian!
    Anyways, I was wondering where you could get a download for the 4.3 Wii Backup Channel, because, like many people, (I know you'll groan and sigh), when I upgraded to 4.3, it got rid of the HBC, so now I'm trying to get it back with a PAL Lego Indiana Jones ISO torrent, so it will generate a savefile, which can be replaced with Indiana Pwns. (Massive sentence. Huge groan and sigh from people with Wii Hacking Intelligence.)
    If you are kind enough to post a link on this forum, I shall be delighted.
    Thank you!


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