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Thread: Copy ROMs to wii hard drive

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    Copy ROMs to wii hard drive

    Hi,Using the homebrew channel I managed to install a Snes9x channel on my wii. I can load up my favourite ROMs that I have on my SD card. I don't usually have my SD card in the Wii (its the same one I use in my camera). Is there any way to copy the ROMs onto the Wii's internal memory so I can play them when I dont have the SD card (or a USB drive) plugged in?The exact same question applies to my Wii64 ROMs too.PS: Before anyone says anything about pirating, I own all the original cartridges and so this is perfectly legal and ethical. I've always been a big Nintendo fan and have a massive collection, but just don't have the space to have my old consoles out.Thanks a lot for anyone who can help me out here

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    No, the games must reside on the sd card or usb device


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