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Thread: What Wii game should I get next?

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    What Wii game should I get next?

    I already have zelda wario ware and redsteel

    i like shooter games

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    Paper Mario or Marble Mania

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    well, if you wait 'till december, super smas bros. brawl will come out, but if you dont like to wait then get paper mario or metal slug anthology. the Wii doesn't have many shooting games yet.

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    I would say medal of honer vanguard

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    Paper Mario or Mario Party 8

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    Call of Duty 3 is one of the nicer Shootan(Shooting) games of the Wii.

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    why spend money on a wii when you can get it for free? just go to this site and complete a few quick tasks and they'll send you one - at no charge!

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    as soon as they comeout with halo for wii (which they won't ever) get that!!

    my real answe4r: get that racing game it looks kool.


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