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Thread: my wii went black :(

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    Unhappy my wii went black :(

    so i install the homebrew and then the tv screen turn black when i restart it and will not load the menu or nothing what should i do?? did i brick it???

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    did you change anything else????

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    Don't worry same thing happened to me but yes you bricked it but you can still fix it only if you have prilloader if you have prilloader turn on ur wii as soon as you turn it on hold restart and a menu thing should pop up.... ur on ur own

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    i was installin prilloader i did change some settings then it i turn it off when i turn it back on the screen went black

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    I think you go 2 settings ur somthing and turn black screen of for main menu that might help it helped me

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    the controlers dont work at all neither the blue lights starts to blink and then it turns off


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