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Thread: Black ops wont run

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    Black ops wont run

    hi first off all let me say sorry if this is not the correct part of the website i was soppused to post this at, but i just made my account and cant find my way arround the whole website.

    so last week i got a wii for christmass, i opened it at midnight and by 10AM of the twentyfifth i had it softmodded, sure i was dumb and did it following a youtube video cause i didnt know about this site, now everything went well and i even backed up wii sports resort and was able to play it with neoGamma and my usb Drive.

    so i got black ops and backed it up to a SD card and tryed to run it from neoGamma in the option on SD and everything went well but then i got the error message saying to press the eject button and turn of the console and read the owners manule, i did some research and i found out that most of the times its because the lasers broken but i doubt mine is because i had recently played another game just fine and my wii is 5 days old, so i want to know what should i do to make black ops run from the SD card without it giving me that error.

    thank you in advance and sorry if this is in the wrong part of the website.

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    you should find your way to the intro section and make an intro post...

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