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Thread: Please help my softmodded wii!

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    Please help my softmodded wii!

    Hi guys

    I have just attempted to install a new n64 .wad. After looking at the amount of things on my SD card I am baffled!It has been soo long since I have done it I have forgotten where anything goes. Where do .Wads normally go? I have done it before..

    Also how do I install once on SD card? I did think I successfully installed a couple of Nes games the other day..well at least they appear as channels - when I click to play them just a black screen appears?

    My Wii version is 4.2E (pal). I have wad manager 1.4

    I originally softmodded it around a couple of years back, it wasn;t the twilight hack, but I do remember downloading a pack to copy to SD in order to hack the Wii...

    If you need any more information please let me know and I will get back.

    ANy help would be greatfully appreacited.#

    THanks and happy new year to all

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    read the rules, thread closed


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