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Thread: Super Smash Bros Brawl Disc Read Error, Please Help!

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    Super Smash Bros Brawl Disc Read Error, Please Help!

    I use Neogamma R9 beta 53 to play discs and I run into a problem when playing Super Smash Bros. I can load the game up just fine using default settings, but after about 1 minute of the main menu the game pops up a disc read error message. If I try to start a match the read error happens even faster. I was just wondering if this was a settings problem or is it because my disc is messed up? I used to play this game just fine in Neogamma R8 Beta 7, but it only plays in black and white which is terrible. I was happy that I was able to start the game in color, but the disc read error makes it, well, unplayable.

    Any help? Thanks.

    (Reposted here, I think I posted my other thread in the wrong section)

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    I pretty sure it's a bad burn.

    To make sure, I would, if you have a HDD or Flash Drive, put the iso you used on the HDD (Or Flash Drive) to see if it is a bad iso.

    If it works then it is a bad burn and you should try to burn it again.
    If it still refuses to work then try a different iso.

    Hope this helps!

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    Yep, most likely a bad burn. Re-rip the game and re-burn it at 1x-3x. Set the layer break to 2084960. Also be sure you're using the latest version of d2x. In case you're wondering, the black and white is because you have an out-of-region game.
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