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Thread: Unclear about how my wii is hacked

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    Unclear about how my wii is hacked

    Hello, first of all let me explain what is my problem.

    I bought my wii 2 years ago (around that duration) and I started playing back these few days. I noticed few new games online and I had decided to download it. Unfortunately, the game is in .wad format. If I am not mistaken after reading this forum, my wii had to be softmod before playing .wad games. Am I correct?

    I had been playing pirated games since I bought this wii. And again, if I am not mistaken, my wii has to be hacked (softmod/modchip) before able to play pirated dvds. And even recently I just downloaded a pirated .iso game and burned it into dvd and I played it without any problem. Here is my problem : I am unsure how is my wii hacked. Softmod or Modchip?

    Why do I want to know?:
    I want to know how is my wii hacked so that I will not do any mistake that might brick my wii. So I need to know how my wii is hacked, so I can move on to next step of hacking so that I can play .wad games.

    -So how do I check how my wii is hacked?
    -If my wii is modchipped, can i softmod it? Or does it makes no difference? (I wanted to play .wad games)
    -And can anyone link me the topic for the tutorial for the next step (As there are many programs outside and I do not know whether they are outdated with some flaws - Ignore this question if this had violated the rules)

    Thank you guys for reading. Have a nice day.

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    Downloading games is piracy and that is not supported here, please read the site rules, thread closed


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